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University of Arkansas to Study Public Perception of Medical Marijuana


A new study will gauge public perception following the legalization of medical marijuana in Arkansas. Several colleges from outside the state brought the idea to the table in 2017, regarding the opportunity to survey public opinions. One of the resolutions the study hopes to come to is why people want to use medical marijuana.

The study will also gauge how effective Arkansans’ expect medical marijuana to be, according to Texarkana Gazette. One question that will be proposed is what negative side effects people expect. From the results, evidence-based recommendations regarding product effectiveness for a specific condition may be possible.

Dr. William Fantegrossi said, “It will be very interesting to revisit this in a few years when these same people have been using medical cannabis themselves or will know others who have been using it.”

Those that can partake in the survey are Arkansas residents above age 18. Current medical marijuana use is not required. Those participating will be asked personal mental and physical health questions. Respondents will also be asked how they perceive marijuana.

The team of researchers will conduct a follow-up survey on a bi-annual basis (every six months) for the upcoming 5-years.

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