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Arkansas Doctor Says to Only Buy CBD from Reputable Suppliers

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Although CBD does not produce a psychoactive high, some medical professionals have issued a warning to be aware that the CBD products available at gas stations and other retailers are unregulated. It has been advised consumers research the company producing the CBD gummies prior to purchasing them. Many tout the CBD products for improving their sleep and improving pain and inflammation.

Dr. Lee Wilbur said that consumers should read the labels to see what the other ingredients are to ensure that they do not contain “fillers,” KATV 7 News reports. Matthew Kane of Complete Body Daily has cautioned consumers to research the companies on product labels before buying. Complete Body Daily is a hemp-based CBD product company in Arkansas.

Dr. Wilbur also said, “The issue that we see from the medical standpoint is what you can buy over the counter is unregulated. So essentially you don’t know what you’re getting. What’s over the counter, we’re unsure of the chemical structure. We’re unsure of what’s actually going to interact with any of [patients’] known medications. They are getting information that it may help them. They may have a condition that they perceive that they need help with, and if they’re asking our advice, we’re cautioning them against it because we are not quite sure what they’re getting.”

Key things that consumers should be looking for on packages of CBD products:

  • Product states it’s “Made in the USA”
  • Pesticide-free
  • Free of metals
  • Contact the company with questions

A couple of other items to look for include:

  • Look for the CBD to be lab tested for purity
  • The product includes pure CBD oil
  • The CBD is not diluted with plant material or “other plant matter”


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