Friday , July 19 2019
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Arkansas Expects Medical Marijuana to Be Available in Early 2019


Arkansas has licensed five marijuana cultivators. At least two expect to start planting in early 2019, which will help them make medicine available to approved Arkansas patients by April.

Bold Team and Natural State Medicinals Cultivation plan to start seeds in the beginning of 2019, according to Magnolia Banner News.  Natural State Wellness Enterprises, Delta Medicinal Cannabis Co. and Osage Creek Cultivation plan to start cultivation operations between the spring and summer of 2019. This leads the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration to believe that some dispensaries will be able to open in April.

Commissioner Dr. Carlos Roman said, “The main thing is once [cultivation facilities] are in place, that the dispensaries are open. And hopefully this process goes forward. Hopefully, that times out about right.”

The state requires a 3,000-foot buffer from schools, churches and daycare facilities. Delta Medical Cannabis Co. has requested to move its cultivation facility as it is located within that buffer in regards to ASU-Newport. The commission must decide if Arkansas State University-Newport is classified as a school since it is a college.

Don Parker of Delta Medical Cannabis said, “We want to take off as much risk as we can.”

The commission is awaiting an opinion from the Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge before making a decision on the cultivation facility moving its location. The Attorney General’s office has said it’s already in the final stages of penning an opinion.

Bold Team and other cultivators plan to grow a variety of strains – anywhere between 13 and 25 different strains.

Danny Brown of Bold Team said, “We’re going to make sure that we have strains for every ailment that’s part of the amendment.”