Monday , August 19 2019
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Arkansas Medical Marijuana Dispensary Rankings Now Available


Arkansas divides its state into 8 zones for medical marijuana dispensaries. The 198 applicants have finally been ranked by zone. The state has not said which dispensaries will actually obtain licenses.

The discussion regarding licensing is expected to take place on January 9, says. The state will award 32 dispensary licenses. There are newly appointed commissioners that require time to get up-to-speed, so this is delaying the awarding of licenses a little bit.

These are the top applicants per zone.

Zone 1:

  • Acanza Health Group
  • Arkansas Medicinal Source Patient Center
  • The Releaf Center
  • Valentine Holdings, LLC

Zone 2:

  • Arkansas Green Cross Cannabis Dispensary
  • Big Fish of North Central Arkansas
  • Fiddler’s Green
  • Plant Family Therapeutics

Zone 3:

  • Grassroots OPCO
  • Natural State Wellness Dispensary
  • THC RX, Inc.
  • Valentine Holdings, LLC

Zone 4:

  • 420 RX
  • Johnson County Dispensary
  • JPS Management, LLC
  • Natural State Wellness Dispensary
  • River Valley Dispensary
  • Valentine Holdings, LLC

Zone 5:

  • Grassroots OPCO
  • Harvest
  • Natural State Wellness Dispensary
  • Naturalis Health

Zone 6:

  • Doctors Orders RX
  • Green Remedies Group
  • Green Springs Medical
  • Native Green Wellness Center

Zone 7:

  • Acanza Health Group
  • Delta Cultivators
  • Natural State Wellness Dispensary
  • PainFree RX

Zone 8:

  • Bloom Medicinals of AR, LLC
  • Grassroots OPCO
  • Noah’s Ark, LLC
  • RX MED

More than one dispensary is expected to be available to patients in Fayetteville, Little Rock, Pine Bluff and Texarkana.

The companies ranking high in multiple zones will have to choose which zone to open in. Once that is determined, the 5th place ranking dispensary for that area will be awarded the license.

The state has over 6,600 medical marijuana patients waiting for dispensaries to open.