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New Arkansas Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Are Opening Soon

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Arkansas closed its first year of medical marijuana sales with over 4,200 pounds of marijuana being sold for $28.13 million. More cultivation facilities are opening and more dispensaries will also be open, which are expected to increase sales throughout 2020.

The state is still waiting on 18 new dispensaries to open of the 32 that are licensed, Arkansas Online reported. Red River Remedy and Bloom Medicinals in Texarkana should be opening anytime now since both have received final approvals.

At Green Springs Medical dispensary patients can expect to find some marijuana products for as low as $5 per gram.

Dragan Vincentic, the owner of Green Springs Medical, said, “That’s why we’re No. 1, bro! Just like Walmart, you’ve got a loss leader. This is just one of those things where we say we’re going to sell one item at cost. We just say we’re going to give back to the people that got us here.”

There are still some areas of the state, like Little Rock, that do not have a dispensary. But some are expected to open in the coming months.