Wednesday , October 4 2023
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Arkansas Is About to Issue More Marijuana Dispensary Licenses


The Arkansas Medical Cannabis Commission will issue a license for a new medical marijuana dispensary in Zone 7. This will bring the total of dispensaries in Zone 7 to five. Currently there are four other issued licenses but only one dispensary is actually open.

The vote to approve the license was unanimous, the Arkansas Times reported. This vote marks the first additional license to be issued since the initial approval of 32 dispensary licenses. A motion to add another dispensary to Zone 3 was also brought to the floor.

There are no open dispensaries in Zone 3 although three licenses were awarded. The vote on Zone 3 did not pass.

Dr. Ronda Henry-Tillman said, “These are areas that aren’t being served, and we need to move forward. Other people have licenses and are waiting.”

It’s unknown whether more dispensary license will be approved as a majority of the initial 32 are still not open. A majority of the state’s medical marijuana patients still have to travel great distances to obtain their medicine.